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Barbie A Fairy Secret (2011) Wallpaper

Barbie A Fairy Secret (2011) Wallpaper
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This story start when Barbie is about to release her new film
and goes to the premiere with Ken. Everything is going great until a fairy
takes a picture of Ken for Princess Graciela who has drunk a love potion and
falls in love instantly of Barbie
s boyfriend. From that moment on
Princess Graciela does everything to marry K
en, and reaches its
limit when she kidnaps him and organize a big wedding despite that poor Ken
t understands at all whats going on.  

kingdom is at chaos and so is Barbies life, she does
not know what to do to help her boyfriend who has
been brought to that kingdom; Barbie Wallpaper
needs to find a way to enter the fairies
kingdom and finds out that her two
assistants are the only ones that can help her given that they hide a secret
that is now very useful to save Ken
















































































































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