Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus

Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus

Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus

Many years ago, on the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Princess Annika sneaked out of the palace and went ice- skating on a frozen river. Annika loved having adventures, but her parents hardly ever let her do anything fun and exciting.

An adorable bear cub watched as the princess jumped up into the air and spun faster and faster. When Annika realized the cub was alone– and cold– she decided to take her home. “I think I’ll call you Shiver,” the princess told her new friend.

Annika hid Shiver inside her coat and went back to the castle. The King and Queen were relieved to see her. “We don’t want you to wander from the castle again,” said the King, “and there’s only one way to make sure you don’t- no more ice- skating.”
“I’ts not fair!” shouted the princess as she ran to her room, crying.

Suddenly, Annika saw fire works coming from the village below. She peeked out the window and saw people skating on a frozen pond.
“Shiver, what do you say we go to a party?”
Annika asked.

Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus

The princess changed into a gorgeous gown.
Then she sneaked outside- with her ice skates!

The villagers were thrilled to have the princess join them. As she started to skate, a dark, winged creature called a griffin landed on the ice. An evil wizard jumped off the griffin’s back and walked around Annika, admiring her beauty.
“Allow me to introduced myself,” the wizard said as he held out a ring to the princess. “I am Wenlock- your future husband.”
Just then, the King and Queen rode up in the royal carriage.
“No! No!” Shouted the king. “leave her alone!”
“Don’t you know by know that nobody tells me what to so?” replied Wenlock. “Maybe you’ve forgotten what happened to your other daughter?”
Annika was puzzled. What other daughter?
Wenlock raised his magic wand and turned the King, the Queen, and all the villagers into stone!
“Marry me and I’ll sen them all free,” the evil wizard told Annika. “Or you can join them.”

Suddenly, a flying horse with a beautiful crown soared down from the sky. “Climb pn,” the horse said to Annika.
As the princess and Shiver flew away, Wenlock told Annika that she had just three days to change her mind.
“Marry me by then,” he threatened, “oe everyone will remain stone forever!”
Annika wanted to thank her rescuer, but she didn’t know the horse’s name.
“I am Brietta,” the horse told her.

Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus


Brietta flew Annika and shiver to a city in the sky called the Cloud Kingdom. It was amazing! Magnificent winged horses of every size and color flew all around them. Annika was taken to a palace and introduced to the beautiful Cloud Queen.

The Queen told her all about Brietta.
“She’s my sister?” Annika gasped.
“Years ago, Wenlock wanted to marry Brietta,” the Queen explained. “When she refused him, Wenlock turned her into a flying horse. The King and Queen desperately tried to break the spell, but it was too powerful. Brietta couldn’t bear to see them. so unhappy, so she left and came to live in the Cloud Kingdom.”

Now Annika understood why her parents were so worried about her. “I have to save them!” she cried.

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