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Barbie Princess
Charm School
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Barbie Princess Charm
(2011) Gallery
a faraway kingdom where the most wonderful things happen, Blair is a humble
girl who must work to support her family, since her mother is ill and her
sister is little. Her life will change when she sees on television a contest to
enter a school of princesses and she decides to participate. Her request is
accepted but some of her colleagues do not agree with her presence because she
is a commoner.
other girls don
t want to live with girls who are not princesses. However, Blair
t give up and continues taking classes as usual. Everything goes
like usual until one day the young boys of the academy
blue prince come to visit to the
princesses. They put enthusiasm in school and the promise to return for the
meets the Prince Nicholas, and instantly feels attracted to him. Soon Blair
s friends know that
behind Blair
s life, there is a hidden secret that might change her life, so
they begin to investigate and they are in for a big surprise once they finish
the investigation. Blair and the school of princesses had never gone through an
adventure like this, so you
ll surely enjoy it.


































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