Barbie Spy Squad (2016)

Barbie Spy Squad (2016)

Barbie Spy Squad starts showing our main character of the best ever adventures: Barbie along with her friends Renee and Teresa are preparing hard to be a recognized gymnasts; each one of them know that teamwork is essential to achieve good results; however, Barbie sometimes has a small amount of doubt about their abilities and that makes her a little discouraged; nonetheless, her friends never judge her bad and encourage her to continue every day. Barbie Spy Squad

The girls life is spend between gymnastics competitions and their homework; but something very unusual is about to happen. The three girls have a meeting at the Hollywood Sign, the famous trademark sign of Griffith Park, Hollywood, it will be a picnic apparently, but once there they realize that something really strange is happening: one of the letters of the Hollywood Sign opens a secret gate to a way for an incredible adventure that the three friends are about to have…

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Barbie Spy Squad (2016)

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